What Toyota is best for your family? There are a lot of potential answers to that question. To put it simply, the right car for any family will be the one that best meets the family’s lifestyle. We’re highlighting some of the features and things to look for when choosing your next Toyota for your family!

In fact, the best family car for many families might not even be a car at all. Increasingly, Canadians are looking at Crossovers, SUVs, and Minivans as options because they are proving to meet each family’s unique needs.

So what vehicle types could be right for your family? This year’s Toyota line-up is packed with several family-conscious designs. Let’s explore, shall we?

The 7 Seater SUVs
Families who need more space and a big dash of toughness for adventurous road trips often consider a full-sized SUV. Why? The perks of enhanced off-road capability, power, and added durability add a sense of security and peace of mind.

2020 Toyota Highlander

For big families with more to pack, the Toyota Highlander is a great place to start. Ideal for larger families who frequently carpool, or any family who often runs a vehicle full of adult occupants, this 3-row crossover offers efficient performance and a car-like driving character, but with seating for 7 or 8 passengers depending on the model.

2020 Sequoia
Even bigger family units will appreciate the 8 seater Toyota Sequoia as a go-to option. This workhorse is a wonderful example of a dependable and comfortable family-friendly SUV, thanks to its high-efficiency V8 engine, generous towing features, and prowess for tackling heavy-duty workloads with style and grace. Not a bad way to make an entrance at those soccer or hockey tournaments, right?

2020 RAV4
For families that don’t need 7 or 8 seats, the Toyota RAV4 is an excellent options for the lifestyle of a smaller family unit. Seating up to 5, the RAV4 is designed for both exploration and practical day-to-day commuting for busy working parents.

2020 Sienna
Delivering hard-to-beat space, seating and flexibility for the dollar, the minivan is a versatility expert. Parents of young children gravitate towards minivans for their easy-to-access cabin, abundant cargo room, and sliding doors. As your family grows, the generous size of a minivan like the Toyota Sienna is right there to grow with you.

The 2020 Toyota Sienna offers family convenience for up to 8 passengers and is the only minivan in Canada with available all-wheel drive. With multiple rows of folding seats and plentiful storage, the Sienna is popular with families who need to transport large amounts of gear, supplies, or cargo.

Be sure to try the Easy Speak system, which uses a front-mounted microphone to play mom and dad’s voice over the rear speakers, easing conversations with rear-seat passengers.

The Hybrid Possibilities
For the environment-friendly or fuel-conscious family, the best family car might be a hybrid– which lowers fuel consumptions and emissions by alternating between gas and electric powertrains to propel your vehicle. Hybrid versions are available several of the models we’ve discussed above and might be an even better option for you family.

The 2020 RAV4 Hybrid is just as wonderful as its gas powered sibling. Loaded with a 219 Net Horsepower Toyota Hybrid System with Continuously Variable Transmission and Electronic On-Demand All wheel Drive. The best part? Fuel efficiency galore with 5.7L and 6.3L per 100km for city and highway, respectively.

Speaking of hybrid siblings, how about a look at the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Packed with the 306 Net Horsepower Hybrid Synergy Drive system and continuously variable transmission, this model offers families dynamic fuel efficiency and a boost of supporting comfort for day-to-day needs.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for the best family vehicle for your family, Toyota has you covered with efficiency, technology, safety and value to spare across its line-up of vehicles. Whether that vehicle is an SUV, minivan, crossover, or hybrid is up to your family to explore.

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