It’s hard to believe that 45 years have whizzed by since the very first Toyota Supra graced the roads. Here at McPhillips Toyota, we’ve had the honour and privilege of witnessing the Supra evolve, impress, and even redefine what it means to be a sports car. As we celebrate this monumental anniversary, let’s take a brief trip down memory lane and pay homage to the Supra’s iconic journey.

1978: The Dawn of the Supra Era

The Supra story began in 1978 as a derivation of the Toyota Celica, known as the Celica Supra. Larger and more powerful, it aimed to offer an exhilarating driving experience while maintaining Toyota’s renowned reliability. With its inline 6-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive, the Supra quickly distinguished itself from its Celica sibling and began to carve out its own legendary path.

1980s: Power and Performance

The 1980s saw the Supra come into its own. As it split from the Celica line in 1986, the Supra’s third generation was born. With its independent, performance-oriented identity, it boasted improved horsepower, cutting-edge technology, and a design that was undeniably sporty. The pop-up headlights, sleek silhouette, and robust performance made it a favourite among car enthusiasts worldwide.

1990s: Becoming a Legend

The fourth-generation Supra of the 1990s is the stuff of legend. Its twin-turbocharged 2JZ-GTE engine became a symbol of both power and potential. Tuners and racers around the globe revered the Supra for its unmatched performance capabilities and robust aftermarket support. This era solidified the Supra not just as a sports car, but as a cultural icon in the automotive world.

The Supra Silence

The early 2000s brought a pause to the Supra story. But, as we at McPhillips Toyota can attest, true legends never fade away; they just bide their time…

2019: The Triumphant Return

The Supra made its eagerly anticipated return in 2019, after almost two decades. A collaboration with BMW, the fifth-generation GR Supra was a culmination of lessons learned, bringing together cutting-edge technology, design, and power. With its bold looks and a driving experience that was unmistakably Supra, it was clear that the legend had returned, stronger than ever.

McPhillips Toyota and the Supra Legacy

Over the years, we at McPhillips Toyota have been thrilled to be part of the Supra’s journey. We’ve witnessed firsthand the joy and passion it ignites in drivers and enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s a pristine vintage model or the latest iteration, the Supra commands respect and admiration, and for a good reason.

To all the Supra owners and enthusiasts out there, we thank you for being an integral part of this 45-year journey. Your passion and dedication have played a huge role in shaping the Supra’s legacy.

Cheers to the Future

While we celebrate the past, we also look forward to the future with great anticipation. If the last 45 years have shown us anything, it’s that the Supra is more than just a car; it’s a living legend that continues to evolve and inspire.

Here’s to the next chapter in the Supra saga! Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or are just joining the Supra family, McPhillips Toyota is excited to journey with you every step of the way.

Happy 45th Anniversary to the Toyota Supra! 🎉🚗💨