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With the start of a new school year, roads are soon to be bustling with students eager to learn, parents dropping off little ones, and changes in speed limits. It’s up to every driver to ensure their safety. McPhillips Toyota is here to offer some driving tips and advice on navigating the upcoming back to school season.

1. Watching Out for School Zones, Bus Stops, and Crosswalks

Always be vigilant in school zones. Speed limits decrease for a reason. As of September 1, that zone you’ve been used to going 50 in for the last couple of months may now be a 30, and you don’t want to get a pricey ticket. Kids can be also be unpredictable, and slower speeds give you more time to react. And don’t forget: respect the school bus! When its lights are flashing, stop. Kids might be crossing the road. Lastly, always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

2. Best Toyota Models for University Students For students heading off to university, McPhillips Toyota recommends:

  • Toyota Prius: If fuel efficiency and environmental concerns are priorities, the Prius is a top choice. This hybrid offers excellent gas mileage and a long history of reliability.
  • Toyota Corolla: A long-time favourite due to its reliability, safety ratings, and fuel efficiency. The Corolla is compact enough for city driving and parking but still offers a roomy interior. Its resale value is generally strong, which can be a benefit once graduation comes around.
  • Toyota RAV4: Offers ample storage for all your college essentials, making move-in day a breeze.

3. Car Essentials for the School Year Equip your car with these essentials:

  • Emergency kit (jumper cables, flashlight, first-aid). It might be worth thinking about a CAA membership ahead of winter’s icy roads, too.
  • Chargers for your devices.
  • Trunk organizer to keep your belongings tidy.
  • Spare tire and tools for changing it.
  • A blanket and water bottle, especially for colder months.

4. Carpooling 101: Efficient and Eco-friendly Ways to Get to School Carpooling isn’t just about saving on gas; it’s about reducing our carbon footprint. Here’s how to make it efficient:

  • Set a Schedule: Ensure everyone agrees on pick-up times.
  • Designated Meeting Point: Choose a central location for everyone.
  • Roster: Rotate driving duties to share the responsibility.
  • Communication: Create a group chat to stay informed about any changes.

5. Budgeting for a New Car: Tips for Students
Investing in a reliable car is essential, but so is understanding the associated costs.

  • Understand Total Costs: Factor in insurance, monthly payments, gas, and maintenance.
  • Shop Around for Insurance: Some companies offer student discounts.
  • Maintenance is Crucial: A well-maintained car lasts longer and is more fuel-efficient. Make sure to schedule your vehicle for service every 6-8 months.

6. Preparing Your Car for the School Year
Before the semester begins, make sure:

  • Tires are properly inflated and have sufficient tread.
  • Brakes are checked. Noisy brakes or a vibrating steering wheel are signs they need attention.
  • Oil Changes are up to date. Regular oil changes extend the life of your car. Call our service department at (204)

Remember, safety first! Whether you’re a student or a parent, McPhillips Toyota wishes you a successful and safe school year ahead!