“Preparation is the key to success.” That’s better. This age-old saying rings especially true when gearing up your vehicle for a Winnipeg winter. At McPhillips Toyota, we can’t stress enough the value of a fall maintenance check. Ensuring that your Toyota undergoes its pre-winter upkeep will pave the way for it to brave the chilly, icy conditions.

Let’s delve into why a fall checkup is not just recommended, but essential:

1. Battery Resilience in Frigid Temperatures: Winnipeg’s summer-winter temperature difference can swing by 60°C. Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, are battery foes. Routine checks for corrosion, loose connections, and overall battery health are crucial. Kick-start every winter day with confidence by ensuring your battery is in optimal condition.

Toyota battery
2. Secure Treads for Snowy Roads: Tires play a pivotal role in safe driving. As winter looms, transitioning to winter tires becomes imperative. Once the temperature drops below 7°C, it’s winter tire time. Let our Toyota Service Advisors guide you to the perfect tires tailored for your vehicle’s needs. And while you’re at it, let us store your summer tires until spring!

3. Brake Assurance: Changing seasons can strain your braking system. Before winter’s full embrace, it’s a good idea to have them examined and serviced if necessary.

4. Crystal-Clear Vision with Reliable Wipers: Adequate wipers in winter are not a luxury, but a necessity. Toyota Genuine Winter Wiper Blades are engineered to fend off snow, ice, and slush, ensuring you always have a clear view.

5. A Comprehensive Parts Inspection: The rigors of Manitoba temperatures can wear down vehicle components. Entrust our Toyota Technicians to thoroughly inspect your car, ensuring no unexpected breakdowns during winter.

Toyota oil change

6. A Fluid Check Beyond Just Oil: While adhering to your Toyota’s oil change schedule is paramount, other fluids like coolant, brake, transmission, and windshield washer fluids should also be on your fall checkup list.

7. Filter Freshness Matters: Though easily overlooked, filters play an indispensable role. Fresh filters promote longevity, fuel efficiency, and safeguard against impurities, translating to future savings.

8. Reliability – The Heart of Toyota: Amidst life’s uncertainties, a reliable vehicle is a boon. Regular maintenance ensures that your Toyota remains your trustworthy companion throughout winter’s adventures. Don’t forget, your vehicle should always be serviced every six months or 8,000 km.

Winter Ready with McPhillips Toyota: While winter’s unpredictability stands, what remains unwavering is the call of Canada’s majestic outdoors. Ensure your Toyota’s fall maintenance is in order, so you can venture out with peace of mind and reliability.

Book your vehicle in for a fall checkup by calling our Service department at (204) 339-9250!