Fall in Manitoba graces us with vibrant foliage but also brings heavy rains and shorter days—conditions that are not ideal for driving. As a Manitoba driver, here's what you need to know to navigate safely through the fall season.

Must-Know Fall Hazards
Aside from rain, look out for migrating wildlife like moose, deer, and elks that are more active this season. Wet leaves on the road can be as slippery as ice, and morning fogs are a common occurrence, affecting visibility.

Essential Safety Measures

Windshield Wipers
Don't just check if your wipers are working—ensure they're in top condition. If they leave streaks or move too slowly, it's time for a replacement.

Headlights On
Always use low-beam headlights in the rain to see and be seen. If your vehicle has an automatic light setting, keep it on. In heavier rain or darker conditions, switch from daytime running lights to full headlights.

Mind Your Speed
Drive slowly but not so slow that you’re a hazard. Controlled speeds offer better vehicle control and more time to react to unforeseen dangers.

Maintain Distance
Keep a safe following distance, especially on wet roads where tire traction is compromised. Use the two-second rule as a guide and consider doubling it in wet conditions.

Beware of Puddles
Puddles can conceal dangerous potholes. If safe, drive around them, ensuring other vehicles are at a safe distance.

No Cruise Control
Wet roads demand manual control. Save the cruise control for dry, unproblematic roads.

Nighttime and First-time Rain Driving Tips

Extra Alertness
Be doubly attentive when driving at night in the rain. Keep distractions at bay—put away the phone and lower your radio volume.

Clear Windshield
Perfectly working wipers and anti-fog spray help maintain a clear view.

Dim Dashboard Lights
Bright dashboard lights can distract and cause reflective glare on your windshield.

Practice Makes Perfect
If you're a first-time rain driver, practice on empty roads or parking lots. Check weather forecasts and plan your travel accordingly.

Stay Calm
Conditions can change swiftly. Maintain your calm demeanour, ensuring you're in a state of mind that helps you stay in control.

Highway Safety Tips

Check Your Tires
Well-inflated tires with good tread depth offer better traction on wet roads.

Consistent Speed
Avoid sudden changes in speed to maintain safe following distances and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Handle Sprays
Sprays from other vehicles are inevitable on wet highways. Use your windshield wipers liberally and remain calm.

While fall brings its set of challenges for Manitoba Toyota drivers, these tips will help you navigate safely through the season. Be proactive in your Toyota's upkeep, stay vigilant on the road, and drive responsibly.

Drive safe, Manitoba!