Following the right tips you can help you avoid some large repair bills during pothole season.

Nothing beats a good old fashioned road trip. Whether it is to get to the mountains for some snowy fun or going to a beach in the summer it's always a good idea to book a service inspection with your Toyota service provider to make sure everything is ready for an adventure.

Sometimes on your adventure there will be some bumps and holes in the road that you won't see in time. Potholes can be devastating to multiple parts of your vehicle if they are not taken care of in time.

Here you will find 5 tips to keep you and your vehicle safe if you encounter an unavoidable pothole on your trip.


Don't Hit the Brakes

Your first reaction when you see a pothole approaching is probably going to be hitting the brakes or swerve. If you can fight that instinct and instead slow down and release your brake pedal before the pothole strikes, it will help reduce the impact & load on your suspension.

Resist the Urge to Swerve

It is always important to pay attention to the people and vehicles around you. If you have the time and space to avoid the road hazard, try moving smoothly and slowly to reduce the chance of sudden/jerky movements which could lead to vehicle damage, loss of control and/or an accident.

Proper Pressure is Key

Making sure you have the correct air pressure in your tires doesn't guarantee you'll avoid damage but it will help you be prepared. Not sure what air pressure your tires should be at? You can find that information on a sticker on the side of your drivers door. It is a good idea to check your air pressure routinely to avoid nasty surprises.

Check your Tire Alignment Regularly

If you have an unfortunate meeting with a big pothole there is a chance there is some damage you might not be able to see on your own. It is important if you have a run in with a big pothole you should check your wheel alignment at your Toyota service provider. Having misaligned wheels can have some costly consequences like uneven tire wear which will lead to having to replace tires more often.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Potholes can potentially damage everything from suspension, body, wheels and the undercarriage. One bad pothole has the potential to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in one blow. that is why it is so important to stay up to date with your Toyota maintenance schedule.

If you follow these tips when pothole season returns, you will be as prepared as possible and be ready should something happen. Remember, drive safe and drive Toyota!